You can use CSS to remove inactive regions. This can be useful if you don't want to display surrounding countries or regions in your map.

Interactive map of Norway

Interactive map of Spain

Interactive map of Germany

Interactive map of New Zealand

Interactive map of Italy

Interactive map of Greece

Interactive map of Denmark

Interactive map of Central America. 

Interactive map of Brazil for Joomla. You can add  different color for each region and a tooltip to display some useful information.

Interactive map of Africa for Joomla. You can add  different color for each country and a tooltip to display some useful information.

You can create an interactive map of the United States of América where you can display all the states with a color and a tooltip. When you click on the tooltip the text area will change to show the message for this state

Click on a marker to see more information

Special settings

  • Active region action - Select Custom Action in the dropdown
  • Add the following code to the Custom Action textarea: document.getElementById('imap_message').innerHTML = ivalue[selectedRegion];
  • Add the following div in the article, module or whatever place you load your map

In this map you can see a map of Europe with several countries. There is a tooltip for each country where you can see the unemployment statistics.

If you click in a country, it will appear an alert box with the url of the wikipedia page of the country. You can setup the map to open the url in a new page or in the same window.

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