Module tab

In this tab you can set up which tags you are going to display in the module.


  • Maximum tags: Number of tags to display in the module. Numeric value from 1 to 20.
  • Time period: Sets the time period for which to calculate popularity.
  • Order: The order that tags will show in. In some shapes of the cloud, this order is not used.
  • Direction: Sort order. Descending is highest to lowest. Ascending is lowest to highest.
  • Display number of items: Choose if the number of tagged items should be displayed next to each tag.
  • Show "No results" text: Will show a message if no matching tags are found instead of hiding the module.


Customization tab

In this tab you can set up how you are going to display the tags in your cloud


  • Text color: Color for the text of a tag.
  • Outline color: Color for the border of a tag.
  • Background color: Color for the background of the tag. This is the background of the text, it isn't the background of the module.
  • Outline radius: Border radius of the tag.
  • Width: Width for the tag cloud.
  • Height: Height for the tag cloud.
  • Shape: The shape of the tag cloud. You can select Sphere, Vertical cylinder, Horizontal cylinder, Vertical ring and Horizontal ring.

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