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  • Type: Component + Plugin
  • Updated on: 12 Jun 2015
  • Version: 1.1.0

About iMaps

iMaps is a Joomla extension that lets you create interactive maps. This extension uses Google Geochart API to create SVG maps of the world, continents, sub-continents, countries, US States... There are 637 maps available that you can customize with colors for the inactive regions, active regions, markers, border, background. You can add interactivity to your map displaying tooltips or creating actions when you click on it.

What kind of map can you use?

  • Worldmap
  • Continents (Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceanía)
  • Subcontinents (Nothern Africa, Western Europe, South America, Eastern Asia, ...)
  • Countries ( USA, Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, India, Vietnam, ...)
  • A state of USA
  • Metropolitan areas of USA
  • Check the list of all available maps


The map is highly customizable

  • Background color
  • Border width and color
  • Inactive regions color
  • Individual color for each active region
  • Responsive or fixed size

Active areas

You can add your active areas as regions or markers

  • Regions: The whole region will be colored, for example a continent , a country, a USA state
  • Markers: A colored round ball in the region


For each active point of interest you can add interactivy

  • A tooltip with a custom message
  • An action when the user clicks in an active area

Add this maps in your content

We have created a Joomla content plugin to include your maps in the content of your site. Add it to your Joomla articles, modules or even in the content of a third party extension.


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